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在之前发布的 WordPress 3.6 Beta 版中,我们曾介绍过 Post Formats Admin UI 有了非常大的改进,如下图效果:

但在最近的Make WordPress Core发布的相关信息来看,Post Formats UI 文章形式功能将在 WordPress 3.6 正式版的核心程序中删除,并且以独立插件的形式出现了。

Post Format 迁移至插件中的内容包括:

  • The posts screen UI, including icons in H2 #24452 #24502
  • Enabling all formats by default #24452
  • The custom screen options (go back to what we had before) #24452
  • The content/excerpt/title necessity modifications in wp_insert_post() #24503
  • Content area size changes #24452
  • structured-post-formats support and post_formats_compat() #24453 #24454
  • Revisioning of the post format and post format metadata keys #24455

Post Format 保留在核心程序中的内容包括:

  • Icons on edit.php (perhaps adding them to the radio format chooser to sync that context) #24519
  • post-new.php?format= shortcut
  • aside/status auto title generation (when blank)
  • URL extraction function (renamed from get_content_url() to get_url_from_post_content())
  • Post Format previewing #24483

Upgrade Path for Beta Dogfooders

  • Consider rolling upgrade that pieces together post_content based on existing meta keys
  • Alternatively, include this as a tool in the post formats plugin
  • Perhaps a WP-CLI component to the post formats plugin, so those upgrades can be done on the command line, once

Strategy for Media

  • Leave most of wp-includes/media.php — keep audio/video support
  • Call functions directly rather than calling do_shortcode() #24505
  • Have wp_get_(audio|video)_extensions() wrap wp_get_mime_types( $type = null ) if feasible#24504 (NOPE)
  • Remove or make sane attachment_url_to_postid() #24458
  • For A/V shortcodes, include the attachment ID, instead of just the URL (makesattachment_url_to_postid() unnecessary) #24458
  • Transition those IDs on import #24458
  • Consistency: embed shortcode takes URL as its content, but a/v ones take an attribute — make both for both? #24456


  • Keep shortcode_exists() and has_shortcode()